Why should I convert my website to a mobile app?

Mobile devices account for almost 70% of devices used by people to browse the internet. According to recent studies mobile apps perform 3x better than browsers especially for eCommerce sites. That’s because of features like push notifications and having the app handy in your phone, once installed.

Will all features of my website work?

If it works in your mobile browser it will work in your app, simple as that. We use a state of the art web container that allows for your website to work inside the app as well as it would work in the browser.

How will my app look and feel?

Your app will look exactly as your website does in a mobile browser. Including all features and design. Updates to your website will flow automatically to your app.

Will my eCommerce website work as an app?

Again, if it works in your mobile browser, it will work on your app as well.

How fast will my app be?

The modern web has come a long way and we take performance seriously. We use advanced technologies and caching to get the best performance possible.

How long it will take to convert my website?

Please allow us up to three working days to complete the conversion. Our apps are handmade, not automated. The app will be available in Google Play in a few hours after submission, while it will take a few days for the app to be available in App Store, because it will be reviewed manually.

Do you convert all kinds of websites?

We will not accept websites that contain racist content, bigotry, selling of prohibited products or pornographic material.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards and paypal payments through Paypal, which is our only merchant for the moment.

Best of native code to have your app accepted in App Store and Google play.